What is Family Constellations?

Founded by German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations is a methodology used to identify and resolve difficult life issues in our family, work, business, health or creativity. 

The constellation approach looks at these issues through a wide lens which can include past generations, trans-generational traumas, and epigenetic inheritance – as often it is here that the root of the problem belongs.

“Family constellations can be described in so many ways, but to me its just pure magic of who we all are as humans, all parts of us. Of our connection to each other and memories we hold and love we feel and loyalty to the clan.
Remembering and honouring our roots and ancestors. Acknowledging their struggles. Its beautiful and powerful work and I will be forever grateful having found it.” (Participant in 2021/2022 training)




About Roisin

Welcome to my website, I facilitate Family Constellations in Dublin, around Ireland North and South, and in Lithuania.  Working online, with groups and individuals and using Bert Hellinger’s model.

Having stumbled across constellations in a yurt at Earthsong camps, I started my training in the UK with Barbara Morgan in 2013/2014.  This started me on a magical journey which continued with me going on to train again in 2015/2016 as Barbara’s apprentice, and then  as Barbara’s Assistant Trainer from 2017 to 2021.  Since 2021, I have been training facilitators here in Ireland, North and South, which is exciting and wonderful.  Bringing this healing work home and working across the border is fulfilling a great dream for me and training others to bring the work home to their communities, a blessing.

Continuing on my own journey is important to me, and participating in many other trainings with facilitators around the world keeps me on my toes.  Some of my other teachers include Dan Booth Cohen, Stephan Hausner, Anngwyn St. Just, Albrecht Mahr & Jan Jacob Stam.  I also work alongside many wonderful colleagues within the ISCA community attending the international intensives in Germany, South Africa, and more recently online at the ISCA Conference.

I am a founder member of the fun and inspiring Constellations Camp Ireland, a 5 day retreat camp in June with constellations and support events. I also have facilitated at Earthsong camp in Tipperary, Unicorn camp in the UK,  and run ongoing workshops in Lithuania.

In my own life I have seen huge changes in the relationships I have with my family, my children and their father as a direct result of doing constellations. Having four teenagers, now young adults, and seeing my own patterns show up in them was my own reason for seeking out the training,  and as I opened myself to  more constellations, I observed my family system relax and my desire grew to offer and share this magical work.  

How can attending a workshop help me?

Family constellations is soul work. In a group setting we create a safe and confidential space which then becomes a healing field. This allows us to look at the harmful beliefs and patterns that we have dragged along with us throughout our lives and sometimes passed on to our children. Working together, using members of the group as representatives, we create a “living map” of the problem, dynamic or situation. Through this lens, simple but hidden truths can be revealed and understood, giving new insight and opportunities for change and movement.

Whilst we each have our own personal history we are also, inevitably, deeply connected with our wider familial, social and cultural history which exerts a strong, and often unacknowledged, influence over us. Secrets, betrayals, war, and many other traumas are part of our history here in Ireland and Family Constellations gives us the opportunity to re examine our fixed ideas and judgements.

Upcoming Workshops

Systemic constellation workshops provide a respectful and confidential space in which to look at a wide range of personal issues. The process is supportive, and often highly illuminating and moving. At a workshop we are able to take rare and precious time to drop down into a different connection with ourselves, with others, and with the wider spheres of our relational life. Both bringing an issue and participating as a representative in other constellations offers insight and healing for all in the group.

  • Opening up the systemic lens with constellations
  • Slí na Bande, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow
  • August 13th & 14th, with an introductory evening August 12th
  • Residential option available
  • This weekend is booked out, watch this space for the next one in September/October

This workshop will take place in the secluded setting of Slí na Bande with its extensive gardens, wonderful workspace,  and option of cosy accommodation and delicious food.  Diving deep into our family entanglements and dynamics supported by this venue promises to be a full and heart opening weekend. Workshop times – Friday 7 – 930, Saturday 9.30 – 5.30. Sunday 9.30 – 5





  • Healing Family Trauma with Family Constellations , with Róisín Fallon
  • Free information talk Friday evening August 19th all welcome                                            Contact lette.hull@mail.com for more details and booking.


  • Galway October 6th – October 10th 2022
  • Family Constellations Facilitator Training Foundation module

While The foundation training is the first module of this year long training, it is also offered as a stand alone workshop, an opportunity to dip your toe into the deeper understandings of this work. It is open to everyone who has an interest in family constellations and who may not be ready to commit to the full training.  For details contact jwcreativeconsultants@gmail.com


Starting in October, this is a fabulous opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this magical work.  Training as a family constellations facilitator will open up your life fully and authentically. It is a deep self-experience on one
hand, while on the other hand transmitting all the basic theoretical
and practical principles of Bert Hellinger’s healing work.

If you have been interested in looking at your family trauma within our workshops this is the next step.  8 modules spread over a year will give you the tools to look deeply at your family system and bring constellations back your own community.

Sound exciting? Contact me and lets chat, 0851531106





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