About Roisin

Welcome to my website, I facilitate Family Constellations in Dublin and around Ireland and the UK.  Working with groups and individuals and using Bert Hellinger’s model.

I started my training in the UK with Barbara Morgan in 2013/2014, going on to train again in 2015/2016 as Barbara’s apprentice. Since then I have done many other trainings with  facilitators around the world. Stephan Hausner, Anngwyn St. Just, Albrecht Mahr, Francesca Mason Boring, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Jan Jacob Stam and many more. I worked alongside Barbara Morgan in the 2017/2018 UK training, as her assistant trainer, and will continue to do so in the upcoming 2019/2020 training. Full details here; https://www.cominghome.org.uk/

I am a founder member of the fun and inspiring Constellations Camp Ireland, a 5 day retreat camp in June with constellations and support events. I also facilitate at Earthsong camp in Tipperary and Unicorn camp in the UK every summer.

In my own life I have seen huge changes in the relationships I have with my family, children and their father as a direct result of doing constellations. Having four teenagers and seeing my own patterns show up in them was my own reason for seeking out the training.  As I did more constellations, I observed my family system relax and my desire grew to offer and share this magical work.