Facilitator Training 2020/2021

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  • Foundation Facilitator Training   September 2020
  • Advanced Facilitator Training December 2020 – December 2021
  • Please note, if the distance restrictions are still ongoing in September the entire training will move forward a step. That is; Foundation will start December 2020 and advanced February 2021

Training as a family constellations facilitator will open up your
life fully and authentically. It is a deep self-experience on one
hand, while on the other hand transmitting all the basic theoretical
and practical principles of Bert Hellinger’s healing work.
This two part training will take place in the beautiful setting of the
hills of Donegal. Immersing the group fully in the elements and
the holding of the land we can look deeper into our patterns and our
learnt dynamics and entanglements, and open up to see them
through a systemic lens.

The foundation training is open to everyone who has an interest
in family constellations and would like to dive deeper into the
understanding of this work. It is also a pre-requisite for  anyone wishing to continue on to train as a facilitator in the advanced

The Advanced Training is available to those who have completed
the foundation training. This is a year long, 8 module, training.
Learning the art and theory of facilitating constellations on an
individual and group basis, woven in with your own healing
journey and personal growth.

This training is experiential and revealing, it is shadow and light.
You will learn to develop your intuition and attunement to the
wisdom in the ‘field’. Looking through the systemic lens you will
learn to recognize family patterns and inherited illnesses.
Studying the wealth of information from other facilitators and
different ways of using this work you will examine money issues,
work and home issues, relationship issues and much more.

Róisín has been training facilitators in the UK alongside Barbara Morgan for several years now and is delighted to be bringing her extensive constellations experience to Ireland for this exciting new training.

Price for the 6 day foundation training is €695.00 this includes accommodation and dinner every evening.

Price for the 7 module advanced training is €2,750 this price includes shared accommodation & dinner each evening of the training.

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Please email roisin@constellation.ie for full details