Upcoming Workshops

  • Systemic constellation workshops provide a respectful and confidential space in which to look at a wide range of personal issues. The process is supportive, and often highly illuminating and moving. At a workshop we are able to take rare and precious time to drop down into a different connection with ourselves, with others, and with the wider spheres of our relational life. Both bringing an issue and participating as a representative in other constellations offers insight and healing for all in the group.

“Ancestral patterns are embedded in our DNA, and they’re unconscious” Suzi Tucker

  • Moving deeper into relationship with constellations
  • November 25th & 26th, Dublin 6W
  • Two day workshop with Róisín Fallon
  • Full weekend to include light lunch €190

In order to move more fully in to relationship with ourselves and with another we look to our first relationship, and to the interruptions in the flow of love in that relationship. Saying yes to the flow of life that came to us from our parents opens us up to saying yes to the fullness of our lives here and now .

This is a two day, non residential workshop. Working together as a small intimate group we will open the lens of our lives and see what is blocking us from living our lives fully.

Saturday 9.30 – 5.50 & Sunday 9.30 – 5

Limited spaces available – contact Ricí on ricinichleirigh@gmail.com

Module 1 of our year long training– February 9/10/11/12, 2024

This module is 4 days, fully residential in Slí na Bande, starting Friday at 9am and finishing Monday at 6pm and can be booked separately as an intensive introduction to constellations.

It is possible to participate in this workshop independently of the full training

  • Understanding the roots of Family Constellations
  • The knowing field & field phenomena
  • The orders of love
  • Belonging
  • personal constellations
  • Contact Róisín on roisin@constellations.ie or 085 1531106 for full details
  • Slí na Bande, created by Marlene, Douglas  and their team (including Reilly the dog) provides us with the perfect container to fully explore the dynamics that are interrupting the flow of love in our lives. With extensive gardens, a wonderful workspace,  and the option of cosy accommodation and homecooked food, we are held by the outer field as we go in. 

  • Opening up the systemic lens with constellations 
  • 2024 ( dates tbc )
  • Residential option available

Full residential weekend;  includes shared accommodation and 6 delicious homecooked vegetarian meals from dinner Friday evening to Sunday lunch ; €430 

Weekend workshop non residential; €220  

Meals available for non residential participants; Lunch €25, Dinner €29

Workshop times – Friday 7 – 930, Saturday 9.30 – 5.30. Sunday 9.30 – 5    Contact Róisín 085 1531106 / roisin@constellation.ie