“I’ll be back” Barbara Morgan in Limerick

In November, 27 brave souls got together for what was to be Barbara’s last open workshop in Ireland. Gathering in a large school hall after dark, the first evening began with feelings of anticipation and trepidation for what was to come. The hall felt too large, the change from our usual space met resistance, but the work began and we quickly settled in with three beautiful constellations.

The next morning we arrived to sunshine and a hall that felt warm and inviting thanks to the addition of softer furnishings.

Over the next two days we grew closer, stepped into the field, represented each others families and all of the joy and pain within and watched the bravery of each individual as they rose to the chair. We took breaks for tea and lots of chocolate, soup and much needed coffee and walked in the winter sunshine. In our absence the hall kept our space and on our return the hall welcomed us back, silently witnessing and solidly holding.

Sunday evening arrived and we parted ways, heading home with softer hearts and deep connections. As we left, the hall felt like an old friend, the weekend was powerful, and deeply healing and despite Barbara’s intentions, I think she may be back.