Upcoming Workshops

  • Systemic constellation workshops provide a respectful and confidential space in which to look at a wide range of personal issues. The process is supportive, and often highly illuminating and moving. At a workshop we are able to take rare and precious time to drop down into a different connection with ourselves, with others, and with the wider spheres of our relational life. Both bringing an issue and participating as a representative in other constellations offers insight and healing for all in the group.

“Ancestral patterns are embedded in our DNA, and they’re unconscious” Suzi Tucker

Join us for this free online taster event to introduce Dan and Emily returning to Ireland for a 4 day Seeing with Your Heart retreat.

Nestled beside the borderland that divides the Island between North and South, We invite you to join us in the pulsing rhythm of the land and its spirits, to rekindle a deep cosmic connection, and explore borders and boundaries within and without.  

Imagine flowing through life in intimate relationship with the sources of healing and balance that emanate from nature. To embrace the embodied hands and heart of the Earth mother and commune with elemental forces, ancestral consciousness, and spiritual presences moving you on this journey of discovery.

Through the interior of the heart, we will recall the Sidhe and Tuatha de Danann, ancient beings who once roamed freely before retreating to fairy realms or soaring with the birds. Together, we will remember and honor our original people and the healing wisdom of the land.

Seeing with your heart Constellations retreat with Dan Booth Cohen & Emily Blefeld https://seeingwithyourheart.com/

Dromantine Retreat and Conference Centre, Newry, Co.Down

August 24th – 28th 2024

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Opening up the systemic lens with constellations 

November 8/9/10 2024

Mucklagh Lodge, Aghavannagh, County Wicklow

Residential & non residential places available

Full residential weekend;  includes shared accommodation and 6 delicious homecooked vegetarian meals from dinner Friday evening to Sunday lunch ; €450 

Weekend workshop non residential; €260  (including lunch each day)

Workshop times – Friday 7 – 930, Saturday 9.30 – 5.30. Sunday 9.30 – 5    Contact Róisín 085 1531106 / roisin@constellation.ie